cat crouching painting hanging on a wall

Last week, I completed another oil painting. Oil painting class is drawing to a close, so I have been working towards a final painting. After a swift week, my result is an oil color painting I call “The House Tiger.” Lately, plants have been informing almost all my artwork. For some reason I cannot stop drawing leaves. This translates into my painting final in the form of houseplants configured like jungle plants. My physical reference for this work was my personal plant collection, including “Candace” the Bird’s Nest Fern and “Bonnie” the Spider Plant. When I went to take reference photos of the plants, I noticed how a print I own was peering out from between the foliage. Unfortunately, the artist’s signature was too difficult to make out, so I cannot link the name of the person who made it. This unknown artwork, however, inspired me to complete an illustrative painting of a sweet house cat stalking the viewer. I like the drama of this composition, and how it balances with the unserious subject matter. Finally I should note that this work got me really into blue. I’ve never been uninterested in blue for some reason, but the ultramarine in this painting really sparked my attention.

The piece is designed to hang in the Roger Williams University Upper Commons dining hall, where it now resides. I am grateful for my painting class and its impact on my portfolio.